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 *How to Renew the Mixed Soil
Please view the following step:1\take out the clivia from the pot, you must be carefully and protect the root.2\add 10% sand to the soil.3\add 10% Bits of charcoal which is as the size of a
 *How to Redress the Skew Leaf
Please view the following picture.If the leaf skew to one side, there must be more sun shine on this side. So you should use one tinfoil to hide the skew side, then this side can not obtain sunshine, so it will grow to another. Th
 *About the Sunshine
A.How to put a pot of clivia under the sun shinePlease view the following tow picture, One is right, the other is wrong. You need put the pot by the right derection. So there will one leaf side obtain enough sunshine. After one or
 *How to deal with the rotten root?
If you find a seeding or a plant is is very weak, it is very likely that the roots is rotten.How to deal with the rotten root.Firstly, you take the clivia out of the pot, and remove all the rotten root. Then you use the potassium
 *The Important Notice before Breeding Seeds
When you receive the parcel, you must note the following thing. They are very important. 1\ If there is very different temperature between the indoor and outdoor, please dont open the parcel immediately. It is not a good
 *How to pollen?
1. Select a seemly pollinating time. The good time is when all the flower is open fully and the pistils must be mature. (mature pistil is trifid which has mucilage on it). The best time for pollen is 10:00 AM.
 *The media for breeding Chinese clivia seeding or plant
About the soil: We ordinary use the following media: 1.Leaf mold of tussah; 70%
 *The media for chinese clivia seeds
It is important that you must use pine sawdust to breed chinese clivia seeds. If you breed chinese seeds into soil, not sawdust, it is very likely gotten fungus to dead.
 *Chinese clivia stamps
 *China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition
On 1 st September 2004, Shenyang was officially approved to hold 2006 China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition (category: A2+B1, professional international Expo) at the 56 th conference of the International Associatio
 *About Henglan & Sparrow Clivia
General information Henglan and Sparrow clivia are all mini-Daruma which were developed about 12 years ago in China. They used to be extremely expensive. One mature Henglan was once sold for 12500 US$ and one mature Sparrow clivia was once s
 *How to grow Light of Buddha?
Considering that a lot of friends are quite new to the cultivar Light of Buddha (LOB), here I have some tips on how to grow LOB better. Like other types of variegated clivias, LOB does not like too much sunlight, especial
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