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 *About Henglan & Sparrow Clivia
General information Henglan and Sparrow clivia are all mini-Daruma which were developed about 12 years ago in China. They used to be extremely expensive. One mature Henglan was once sold for 12500 US$ and one mature Sparrow clivia was once s
 *What is the difference between Monk and Daruma
Monk strain was introduced into China about 70 years ago, whereas Daruma strain (in China we call it Ribenlan, means Japanese clivia or "Ribenlan" in Chinese pronunciation) originated in Japan and was intruduced into China about 18
 *Light of Buddha (LOB) in China
Light of Buddha (LOB) is a new type of variegated clivia with transverse stripes or patches on the green leaves.
 *Good vein (Ma Lian)
"Malian" is a word in Bopomofo of Chinese, which means the leaf's surface is very accidented , i.e. the veins on the leaf surface are very thickset and protuberant.It is a new general designation of the clivias which have
Henglan is actually a hybrid of japanese clivia and chinese Shortleaf-Roundtip.Its characteristics are more like those of japanese clivias.
 In China,we call this C.Sparrow,just because its tips and shape are like the beak of sprrow.Its leaves are commonly about 110mm wide ,140mm long, 3mm thick,with wrinkled leaves.Its shape is very small.
 *Types of Chinese green Clivias

There are 14 genus of chinese green leaf clivias. please read the detials.

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